Empowering Autonomous Manufacturing

Optimization with Cognitive Digital Twin

Use our no-code platform to develop digital twins with a cognitive ability to learn and draw conclusion as how a human would. Our cognitive digital twins self-adapt to changes in the manufacturing plants without human intervention and automatically suggest best operating parameters to optimize the plants' performance.

One-Stop Optimization Platform

Monitor the performance and health of all your manufacturing assets in real-time and let our AI proactively suggest the best operating procedures through in one platform.

For Process Model users

For Digital Twin users

For users without existing virtual models

Contact our team and we will discuss on potential model development

For users with existing virtual models

Import the virtual models of your manufacturing systems to our platform and begin your no-code process optimization journey

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Our AI-engine detects operational inefficiency in real-time and suggest optimal operating parameters


Our AI-engine assesses real-time operational data to predict KPI (i.e. throughput, maintenance, yield)


Our platform can be used as virtual testing ground to experiment potential impact on real operation

Area of Application

Operational Cost Reduction

Energy Saving

CO2 Emission Reduction

Downtime Reduction

Industry We Serve

We serve oil refineries and allied plants.

Oil & Gas

We serve chemical process plants.


We serve pharmaceutical
manufacturing industries.


We serve power plants.


About Aleph Technologies

Accelerating Digital Transformation

Aleph Technologies aims to be the frontrunner in creating a fully automated manufacturing world. To achieve our goal, we are striving to accelerate digital transformation especially in industrial manufacturing sector. Our technology empower manufacturing companies to optimize their mission-critical operation through the intelligent virtual replicas of their manufacturing plants, which can be used to accurately define optimal operational conditions.

Our Team

We possess a combined 42 years of experience in process engineering and artificial intelligence

Dr. Sushant S.Garud


Suwira Teo


Dr. I. A Karimi


Neeraj Desmukh

Software Development Lead

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