AI Co-Pilot for Your Decarbonization Journey

Combining AI With Digital Twin
To Optimize Energy Efficiency

Aleph Tech specializes in enhancing energy efficiency and expediting decarbonization in the industry and power sectors.

Powered by advanced AI and Digital-Twin technology, our software platform monitors, predicts, and reduces energy usage and carbon emissions. Beyond optimizing existing energy efficiency, our AI generates bespoke renewable energy transition roadmaps for manufacturing plants to unlock new energy efficiency levels.

Our comprehensive approach empowers industries and power sectors to fortify efficiency, curtail environmental impact, and cultivate sustainable practices across the energy value chain, advancing toward a smarter, greener future.

End-to-End Decarbonization

Aleph Tech support our customers decarbonization journey in 3 main areas

Asset-level Digitalization

Our platform generates virtual replicas (a.k.a digital twins) to mirror, monitor and forecast asset-level energy usage and emission patterns. This provide users with rich information, required to implement effective decarbonization strategies.

Energy Optimization

Our hybrid AI-model leverages user's operational data and law of physics or chemistry to simulate the efficiency of various operating scenarios and select the most energy efficient option to recommend plant managers.


Energy Transition

Our AI-powered RE Simulator empower efficient energy transition journey by enabling users to simulate impacts of various renewable energy and generate infrastructure plans, engineering designs and roadmaps for the transition.

No-Code Platform to Monitor, Forecast
and Optimize Energy Efficiency

Our AI-driven system employs advanced machine-learning models, aiding plant managers in pinpointing real-time inefficiencies and optimizing energy usage through in-platform alerts and tailored recommendations. Moreover, our AI-powered renewable energy simulator enable plant managers to simulate environmental/economic impacts of various renewable energy options and generate roadmap, including engineering designs for transition.

For Process Model users

For Digital Twin users

Energy-Intensive Sector Specialization

We specialize in optimizing the energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions for the energy intensive process industries. Our customers are based on the following industries:  

We serve oil refineries and allied plants.

Oil & Gas

We serve chemical process plants.


We serve pharmaceutical
manufacturing industries.


We serve power plants.


Our Goal: Accelerate Decarbonization

Aleph Technologies aims to be the frontrunner in creating a more sustainable and greener manufacturing world. To achieve our goal, we are striving to accelerate decarbonization especially in energy-intensive industries. With our solution, we empower the industry and power sector to enhance efficiency, reduce environmental impact, and foster sustainable practices across the energy value chain, propelling towards a smarter and greener future.

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